brings the power of


to your Nokia N9

Notekeeper is no longer available for purchase

Stay Organized

Browse your notes based on the notebooks and tags in your Evernote account.

Or change the notebook or tags for a note. Changes are sent back to Evernote during the next sync.

Add Anything

Add web links and images to Notekeeper from other apps in your N9.

Using the 'Share' option, you can add URLs from the Web Browser, images from Gallery and files from Documents.

Notes to go

Taking your phone to an Internet-less land? Take your notes right along.

Notes marked as 'Favourite' and notebooks marked as 'Offline' will be downloaded to your phone, available anytime, anywhere.

What you need

  • A Nokia N9
  • Running Meego 1.2 Harmattan, PR 1.2 or PR 1.3

What you get

  • Access to all your notes, notebooks and tags
  • Full editing support for plain-text notes; appending text for rich-text notes
  • Creating and editing notes when offline
  • Viewing images in notes
  • Viewing note attachments (PDFs, audio)
  • Adding images to notes
  • Removing attachments from plain-text notes
  • Offline access for notes marked Favourites and for notes in Offline Notebooks
  • Ability to share URLs and attachments to Notekeeper from other apps

What you don't get

  • Rich-text notes can't be freely edited (appending only)
  • Cannot delete notebooks / tags
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